PointMatter Reporting Solution

The Recommended Reporting Tool For Alerton’s Compass


LogicMatter has worked with Alerton since 2015 and has developed solutions for reporting and scheduling.

The PointMatter Reporting Solution (PRS) is recommended by Alerton for Compass 1.x and 2.x systems.

The PRS system is easy to install, fully supported and will enhance your service department’s offerings.

LogicMatter’s pricing and bundling makes it economical for Alerton Dealers to install PRS at every customer site.

“LogicMatter worked with us and our client and the results showed significant savings in used resources. We needed automatic reporting emailed without using our resources or our clients’ resources.”

Pete Cianci

Controls Operation Manager, The K Company

PRS Basic

The PRS Basic system includes ad hoc, trendlog and alarm reporting features. It is priced low enough that it can be added to every Compass installation.


  • Cloud-based
  • Easy installation
  • Schedule and e-mail reports
  • Extensible template-based reporting
  • Includes 15 report templates
  • Can connect to PRS Manager

PRS Premium

The PRS Premium system includes everything in Basic plus the Critical Environment and Equipment Apps.


  • Cloud-based
  • Easy installation
  • Hospital, Pharmaceutical and manufacturing compliance reporting
  • Equipment testing reports for generators, AHUs and more
  • Can connect to PRS Manager

PRS Manager

The PRS “NOC” system is used to view all of your customer PRS Basic and Premium sites from one portal.


  • Cloud-based
  • Easily access reports for any customer site. No need to RDP
  • Monitor critical alarms
  • Escalation rules
  • Enhance your services offering
  • Reduce your costs

The Only Tool You’ll Need

PRS has been designed to be extended. You can add report templates, share templates between sites (or with other Alerton Dealers), import new data sources, export data to other apps, and create new PRS Applications

Report Templates

Use Microsoft’s Report Builder to add templates to any PRS app. Or have LogicMatter will develop custom templates for you

Critical Environment

Compliance reporting for hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing. Easily configure standards and environments. Provide high-value reporting to your clients.Read Example


Site Management

Increase your services revenue and reduce your costs. Manage all of your customers’ reporting needs from one portal. Remotely access critical reports without logging into the BMS system

Energy Reporting

PRS includes templates for energy reporting such as heat maps, consumption comparisson and log reports. A custom utility billing report is also available

Critical Equipment

Automate testing of critical equipment such as generators. Seasonally test AHUs for proper settings. Define new equipment to test

Email and Schedule

Reports you create can easily be scheduled to run when you need them. The Reports can be e-mailed (with To:, CC: and BCC:) or the reports can be saved for future viewing

Critical Environment Reporting

Hospitals and laboratories are required by regulatory agencies to “maintain control of their environments“. The PRS Critical Environment report helps institutions track the conditions of their environments and maintains a record of regulatory compliance that can reviewed by auditors.

These reports are typically shared with internal stakeholders, such as perioperative and laboratory managers, on a daily or weekly basis. When audited by the Joint Commission or Department of Health, your clients will be able to show compliance records to auditors in minutes.

This report demonstrates to regulatory agencies that your client is maintaining control of its environments.

Read More


Hospital OR Environment Report

Alarm Reporting

PRS Basic and Premium include reporting templates that you can start using immediately to gain insight into your customer’s buildings. 

The PRS Global Alarm Summary report can be shared with your clients each month to demonstrate service work required or to show the value of your annual maintenance contracts

With the PRS Manager dealer tool, you can set up critical alarm notifications with escalation rules. Notify your customers and your on-call service technicians when a critical piece of equipment is failing. Rules can include out of normal conditions like change of value over time. 


PRS Alarm Dashboard

Equipment Reporting

The PRS Critical Equipment reporting app is used to test equipment on a regular basis. The example displayed here shows a generator test report. Many types of equipment tests can be defined.

Generators for critical infrastructure such as hospitals and airports need to be tested on a monthly basis. Normally this is a very manual process. Data is often recorded with pen and paper.

The PRS Critical Equipment report automates testing and reporting. Reports can be emailed or stored. Reports can be run interactively at any time. 

Another example of using the Critical Equipment app is to test the settings of a facilities AHUs to make sure they are set correctly for the season. This can save your clients time and money.


Generator Testing Report

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