PointMatter Reporting Solution

a BMS reporting and customer engagement tool

PRS Cloud is now available

Can you install a full-featured BMS reporting solution and start reporting in less than 10 minutes?

Check out our PRS Cloud Installation video to see it done.


Measure - Monitor - Mobilize

PointMatter Reporting Solution helps you engage your customers and offer them an advanced IoT solution – without a major upfront investment

Start small and then grow with LogicMatter’s technical and infrastructure support helping you at every step of the journey


PRS 2.0 supports Alerton’s Compass and Tridium Niagara

REMOTE Management

Cloud or On-Prem, it’s the same PRS solution at the same price


Critical Environments, Equipment testing, Alarm reports, multi-user, multi-sites, and more +

Become a Dealer

Deploying an IoT solution can be complex. LogicMatter’s PRS is an easy to deploy reporting and customer engagement tool. We will help your company be successful with our sales training, demo licenses, and outstanding technical support. 

You can start small and grow to a fully managed, white-label cloud or on-prem solution offering.

Learn more about the PointMatter Reporting Solution and becoming a PRS Dealer.

LogicMatter Managed Services Practice

LogicMatter offers a full range of data management and reporting services. 

Data integration, data warehouse management, custom application development – no problem. Our customers have stayed with use for 5+ years because of the outstanding value we deliver


Consolidate all types of data into a single Operation Data Store (ODS). Automate data integration, pipeline & automation to speedup decision making and analysis

Data Warehouse

Transform and Manage high quality data warehouse with row level security to easily analyze & visualize data using Tableau or Power BI or Cognos

Portal, Apps & Dashboards

Mobilize workforce and automation using data solutions that enable action/feedback driven decision making. Lower cost to deliver metrics and drive efficiency.