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Earn REcurring Revenue

Increase the value of your service contracts with PRS subscriptions. Improve your margins and deliver more value to your customers

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LogicMatter has all of the expertise to provide outstanding support to your customers. We can augment your staff or we can manage PRS for you

Cloud and On-Prem Solutions

Manage all of your clients in the cloud or install PRS at your customer sites. It's the same software

Access PRS Marketplace

As new templates are developed by LogicMatter and by our dealers, these are shared with all of our partners

Joining Is Easy

Open to all Alerton Dealers

Just fill out our membership form below and we will be in touch. There is no cost to join the PRS Partner Program. Benefits include Free Training, Sales Support, Technical Support, Free Demo Accounts, Free Demo Licenses. Our goal is to make this the easiest partner program for you to join.

You can also email us at partner@logicmatter.com

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Frequently asked questions

PRS supports Alerton Compass 1.5.1 and above. You must have the SQL Option enabled. We currently do not support Compass Conventional. 

PRS Starter is offered at no cost. Product support is by email forum only. Additional support options are available.

Dealer cost for PRS Basic is just $50/month for the Cloud or on-prem versions. List price is $100/month. Support is included. Installation with SQL Standard will be an extra one-time charge depending on the complexity of the customer requirements.

PRS Premium comes in two sizes – one for small sites such as clinics and one for larger sites such as hospitals. Dealer price for PRS Premium Small is just $100/month. Dealer price for PRS Premium Standard $250/month. Installation assistance for SQL Standard on-prem is included.

PRS Starter can have one manager account.

PRS Basic and Premium have two user types:

Administrators have access to all apps and all reports. There is no limit on the number of admin accounts you configure.

User accounts have access to just their reports or reports that an Administrator assigns to them. There is no limit to the number of user accounts. If you have a multi-tenant or multi-site system, you can assign a user account to one or more systems.

PRS can support multiple tenants. Each tenant has its own BMS, such as Compass. 

For example, a hospital system has 10 hospitals and wants to have a central place to report on all of its sites. 

Users can switch between tenants and run PRS apps

Multi-site differs from Multi-tenant in that there is only one BMS system that hosts many clients. For example, an office building or a college with many departments. A Dealer may host one BMS to support many clients. 

PRS allows you to assign a range of devices to each site/client. 

User accounts can be assigned to one or more sites. Administrator accounts have access to all sites.

There is no difference in the features of PRS between on-prem and cloud. 

The cost of our license is the same. Though the cost of ownership is lower for the cloud version since we provide the hosting, data storage, and backend system administration for you.