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Our Story

LogicMatter is a data management and reporting platform provider to help mechanical service providers, building automation controls dealers and industrial controls dealers or OEMs  expand their remote service delivery capability using a portal and cloud platform.

Our expertise in legacy control systems, building automation, IoT devices, cloud data management,  application integration have all been deliver a client-centric portal solution to offer highly responsive solution to expand your service reach & efficiency —  ‘PointMatter Reporting Solution’ solutions can help our partners and enterprise facility clients deliver a strong customer-centric service,

. Founded in 2012, LogicMatter has developed data management solutions for customers in healthcare, logistics, education, and manufacturing

LogicMatter has been a strategic partner of Honeywell since 2015. We developed applications for Alerton’s Compass BMS that are currently being sold through the Alerton dealer channel. These include EASE and ARS. Some of LogicMatter’s products are sold through the Alerton channel. 

After building several products such as Advance Scheduling for BMS to remotely control IoT devices and legacy controllers, the team focused on multiple iterations of an Advance Reporting solution for Honeywell.  The team with many trials, failures have now released a strong feature set that is reliable, secure and quickly delivers value to a dealer or facility manager. In 2019, after several years of working with reporting on the Compass BMS system, LogicMatter embarked on an effort to develop the next generation of reporting for BMS systems. This system is called PointMatter Reporting Solution or PRS. 

PRS is sold by LogicMatter through distributors and directly to end customers. 

Key features of PRS include:

  • Ease of installation
  • Multiple Editions
    • Freemium BMS starter & small sites, (only for partners)
    • Basic BMS reporting
    • Premium  critical apps for healthcare, manufacturing compliance & performance
    • MSP/Enterprise –  for dealers expanding services with full capability and Whitelabel managed portal,
  • PRS is an extensible reporting platform. Customers and dealers can add templates